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Commercial Interior Design


Choosing the right textures, materials, colors, and furniture can be a tricky process, 
especially when you don’t know where to begin.


Our design director Anastasiia Papertnaia, breaks down the many aspects you need to consider as you embark on the first steps of creating the perfect design concept.

This in-depth approach includes:

✓ Moodboards  ✓ Materials Finishes  ✓ Fixtures Selection  ✓ Color Schemes


And so much more!


The founder of Creneau Design has worked with many luxury retail brands not only for concept creation but with rollouts executions. Our experiences with these projects and their very diversity uniquely position us to deliver effective solutions for your next deployment.


Virtual Tours

Though often used interchangeably, Virtual Tours and 3D Tours are uniquely different. Virtual Tours began in 1999 – customers click hotspots on a 2D floorplan to view a 360-degree panorama image.

3D Tours were first released in 2012 – customers interact with a fully rendered 3D model to move throughout the property. Driven by the love affair customers have with interaction, 3D Tour innovation continues at rapid speeds, further differentiating from Virtual Tour solutions.


3D Virtual Tours give projects a rich, immersive, multi-dimensional experience.

Creneau Design can create your 3D Virtual Tour of your projects in contingent to our Creative Design and Rendering Services.


360 tours are created by carefully photographing a space using a DSLR camera with

a wide-angle lens or a specialist 360 camera. These images are then stitched together to create a fully comprehensive and interactive 360 tour.

3D Rendering | Modeling | Animation


Impress your customers with a 3D visualization that is indistinguishable from reality. Creneau Design helps you to do this and brings your ideas to life. Creneau Design offers professional photorealistic high-end 3D visualization.


Photorealistic presentations of modeling of 3D product for industrial design, in which we visualize a great variety of products of the sector of the furniture and decoration: design of furniture, accessories, lighting, machinery, etc., when they have not yet been produced, are in Prototype phase or are simply an idea.

Sometimes, even if the product is physically available, it may be more advantageous to use the 3D modeling and rendering technique than conventional photography, for various reasons, such as:

• The scale of the product itself, whether very large or very small, complicates your photography.

• You want to show the 3D object from all its possible angles.


• It is necessary to have total control over the finishes of the product, textures, the light that impinges on it and its brightness …

• For later 3D integrations of 3D product modeling and rendering in real photography.

• Photorealistic images before production, through 3D Product Modeling and Rendering

• In the initial phase of a pre-production design or phase, 3D product modeling and rendering gives us an ideal -solution for project presentation, where you do not need to invest too much time and money. The result is the -visualization of the product as a static photo realistic image or animated by 3D animation, and it is even possible to have it physically in the hands through 3D printing.


3D interior animations makes your project come alive. The best way of promoting your latest design projects is to use walk-through or fly-through interior 3D animations.

Work Stages

When selecting an commercial or interior design company, make sure that you fully understand each step of the design process. To ensure seamless collaboration between all stakeholders throughout the project, Creneau follows these design stages. However, we can quickly adapt our process to accommodate specific needs as each project evolves.


We don't guess. We study your target market, business objectives and site location before developing our initial concept. This approach allows us to accurately plan project timelines, budgets and resources accurately. Our clients are fully aware of how long it will take for each stage of the project, which resources we will allocate, and how much it will cost.


As the creative process unfolds, we will develop the initial concepts working based on our clients’ brief and our expertise. We will be looking for appropriate materials at this stage, focusing on value, aesthetics, sustainability, and availability. We will present our ideas as 3D renders and visuals, which will showcase finishes and our design direction for your project.


As the project unfolds, we will pay greater attention to the exact details, with internal layouts defined and finishes identified for components and surfaces. Materials, lighting, fixtures and fittings are finalize to coordinate with the client for approval.


We will work closely with the project management team to prepare and finalize a completion design.


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