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About Creneau Design

Creneau was founded in 2020 based in Hong Kong headed by Anastasiia Papertnaia having

a collective wealth of commercial and global skills in strategy, brand and retail design worlds.

With over 12 years of experience, our depth and excellence in concept design allows us to take a comprehensive approach when designing spaces. Our history of successful design, client relationships and exquisite concepts proves us as forerunners in our field, leading the industry in designing retail, hospitality and entertainment venues.

Our approach to each project includes taking a comprehensive look at potential spaces, creating places that speak to our clients and ultimately developing places where people want to interact, shop, dine, socialize and enjoy. From designing retail, entertainment and hospitality environments, to working with plans, prototypes and repositioning existing spaces, Creneau’s expertise covers all consumer experiences. We strive to incorporate our craft into everyday spaces, creating extraordinary work.


With a collaborative practice of planning and interior design, Creneau creatively meets the diverse needs of a variety of projects. We are a full-service design studio with a deep experience in conceptual design, 3D rendering, 3D modelling, 3d animation and virtual tours. Our practice encompasses many different scales, from small planning to large master plans and everything in between.

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